Are you a member of government?

VengeCycle has been providing equipment for governmental agencies all around the world to help keep their citizens safe.

Law enforcement

From Mexico City to Montreal, from Dubrovnik to Singapore, VengeCycle has been instrumental in dismantling bicycle theft rings in more than 20 cities around the world.

Bicycle sharing programs

The #1 problem local governments face when trying to implement bicycle sharing programs is bicycle theft. VengeCycle has provided special equipment to dozens of municipal governments to help curb this problem by up to 85% while keeping legitimate customers safe.

We're changing the world.

At VengeCycle we donate a full 5% of our profits every year to Social Readaptation programs in prisons around the world to provide new and sustainable oportunities to ex-convicts that prevent them from becoming repeat offenders.


This is what government officials have to say about VengeCycle.

With their technology installed on decoy bicycles, VengeCycle helped us take down one of the most problematic bicycle theft rings in the city.

Aminta Granera, Director General of the National Police of Nicaragua

Simply put, we could not have launched the most important public transport initiative in recent history in Poland without VengeCycle's participation. Now, every Warsaw resident has access to a public bicycle.

Leszek Ruta, Director of ZTM, Warsaw

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